Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Black History!

As an African American I have always studied my history.  I have studied the oppression of blacks all the way to excitement of the days where African Americans have surpassed all odds. There is no way to describe the emotion of being an African American and existing in today's society. When you look at people such as Dr. Martin L. King, Thurgood Marshall III, Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks they have gave so many blacks hope.  When you look at today's African Americans and what we have accomplished it is become of the persistence of many leaders that led is to equality and freedom.  It almost seems unreal that African Americans were shipped from Africa and forced into slavery.  Barely 160 years ago, that I would have been regarded as nothing more than property and referred to as a "nigger" brings chills to my body.  I am forever grateful and never will forget what so many have done for me.  I know because of them I have gotten the chance to see legacies of  President Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Beyonce, Sidney Poitier, Maya Angelou, and so many more that have done the impossible. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grammy Thoughts.

         After the unfortunate snub that so many of our black artists take every year at the prestigious Grammys. So, many black artists go on accredited for their amazing creativity and hard work. It almost is inevitable that this will happen to several black artists every year.  I am not at all trying to pull the race card but, I think it is truly said that so many of our artists are walked over for the Grammys.  POLITICALLY, I assume record sells qualify your acceptance as an artists. I think this argument is completely unfair.  Underground artists today are becoming more and more popular and the typical radio plays and number singles are getting accounted for less and less. There are so many successful artists who can sell out a venue without having to really be on the radio.  Artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole have proved it.  They released MORE free music than they have singles and albums.  Artists today are realizing that the power is in the people and not with the execs. I think that is important to remember, the people have the power.  That is why I think the Grammys is becoming less accountable for the real rewarding of music.  The Grammys has been ruled as a POPULARITY contests.