Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glamour Women Of The Year Awards.

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards is quite simply one of the most glitzy events in the showbiz calendar. The even took place last night in London and some A-listers came out looking amazing.  The ladies and gentlemen were all dressed to a perfect T.  

Kelly Rowland and Eva Longoria 
I loved Kelly Rowland dress, the train on the dress gave it the dramatic look. Plus I love BLACK dresses!  Kelly definitely worked that Maria Grachvogel dress. 
Eva Longoria looked stunning as well in her Victoria Beckham dress.  The bright orange went perfect with her skin tone, her look was simple but sometimes simple is all you need. 

Jade Thirwell, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson
They all had their funky styles going.

Will I. Am. in his usual stand-outish clothing

Allegra Versace and Donatella Versace 
(they look just ALIKE)

Jessie JKylie MinogueKelly Rowland, Lily Allen, and Lea Michele
Jessie J dress wore a gorg, I loved the black cocktail dress

Lea Michele actually got my vote for one of the best dressed.  Even tho, I love my spring bright colors.  She wore the navy blue perfect and I loved her earrings.  The form fitting couture gown was gorgeous on her. 

Lily Allen also dark green dress was also another example of simple and elegant.  Her makeup was also really nice, her mascara really popped.  

Jessica Alba also looked amazing in her black gown as well.  Alexander McQueen gown was perfect for the glamour event and that bag was also nice. I loved it!!

(ahhhhh, I can't wait to get on the red carpet and begin my interviewing)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pusha T.

I love rap. REAL rap!  Pusha T is an artist that embodies that.  Recently he released his new single entitled 'Exodus 23:1' where it takes a few shots at rapper, Lil Wayne. 

Personally, I have never liked YMCMB, they are all self proclaimed rappers who go and become POP STARS!! LIKE, REALLY?!  But, in general fashion Lil Wayne responded and made his own dis-track. (which I will not be posting the link because I do not promote YMCMB on this blog)   I think Pusha T is gonna be the next biggest rapper because he is lyrical and he may not appeal to everyone but he is himself and his music will not change. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! 
Continue to view and share my blog, there is sooo much more to come loves. 


Nas recently has been making alot of controversy with his single, Daughters.  Even his daughter's mother wasn't too happy about the track.  Nas speaks on all of the things he feels he did wrong as a father and all of his daughters "incidents".

Here is the video:

(Nas looks sooo good! )

Personally, I love the song and I think it speaks to all father's out there. I am a huge Nas fan and I just feel Nas is speaking his truth as usual. How could you not respect that.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guess Who's Back!

QUEEN B!!!!! If you learn anything from my posts, know that I LOVE BEYONCE!!!!
Mrs. Carter was set to perform in Atlantic City for Memorial Day weekend, at Revel. 

"Strong enough to bear children, then get BACK TO BUSINESS" 

I would have done anything to be there, OMG!!

If you ever questioned Beyonce being the best, you should now be a believer. She is one of the hardest working women in the industry, NEVER ANOTHER! Four months after Baby, Blue Ivy she is back.  I can't wait until she does her American Tour, I WILL BE THERE! 

(S/O to AtlanticCityBeats , those are NOT my videos)

These videos inspire me to work harder for my dreams because just like hard work and dedication got Beyonce, where she is and every other person who is living their dreams where they are. It can make me one day become a dream-liver. LET'S ALL LIVE OUR DREAMS. 

follow me:

Memorial Day Fits.


Ms. Perry was recently spotted on the Red Carpet showing off her Memorial Day look.

I'm just in love w/American Flag shorts!! Perfect for the weekend.


These shoes are too die for.... 

You can find these looks Forever21 , Singer22 , US Trendy , Nasty Gal , and 

Happy Memorial Day loves.

I will be posting my pics later. (: 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I believe tribal prints are the future....

The colors. The brightness, I LOVE IT!! 

I'm in love w/those nails.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rita Ora.

My newest obsession. . .

Roc Nation's newest wild child!! Rita Ora is a new singer/pop-star and newest tabloid poster child. Rita Ora, is a British singer-songwriter and actress.  She also auditioned for BBC talent competition ‘Your Country Needs You’ but withdrew her application. In 2009, she signed a recording contract with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and relocated to America. (smart decision)  With Roc Nation backing you up, HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG

Also, she is dating Rob Kardashion.  GOSH, I loved to be at a Kardashian family dinner. 

 Her style is dope and that blonde is GORG!! 

W/Rihanna, Ye, and Blue Ivy, and his own career and now Rita Ora, I'm sure Mr. Carter is a very busy man. 

Check out some of Rita's music....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch The Throne.

Watch The Throne will be an experience, I will not EVER forget!!


Waiting in line. . . . 

Tori and I attended along with her sis and bro, Chels&Paul.  MEMORABLE NIGHT!

Getting to see my FAVORITE DUO!

I was sooooo CLOSE to Jay-Z.  It was an experience I can say I will probably never forget.  After two hours on waiting on the duo, they finally came out and made me feel like I was really watching the throne.  They were soooo hype, Ye was so passionate and Jay was vibing and loving Houston, especially since it is his wife, Beyonce's hometown.  But, it was soooo exciting. I don't think any concert will ever be like it.  I can cross this one off my bucket list. And if they ever have a Watch The Throne Pt. 2, I WOULD SOOOO BE THERE!  

Although, I must admit I am so jealous.  RiRi has recently joined the tour in Europe. )':

If your in Europe right now, I highly suggest you get your tickets, IT SO WORTH IT!

Check out my Houston experience.....

(p.s. This was not taped by me)

Monday, May 21, 2012


I love vintage. . .


Yessss, D'Angelo is back and is covering the June issue of GQ.
He has cleaned up!

Billboard Awards.

If your anything like me, your favorite thing about award shows is the RED CARPET!!

Alicia Keys of course is on my best dress list. 

Swizz Beatz&Alicia were HAWWTTT! 

Shannon Brown&Monica are darling.  They looked stunning as well.

Jeremih looked smooth!

John Legend and his date, he looked nice! (lol...let's see who caught that one)

Robin Thicke....ah, I just love him


Backstage Wiz Khalifa and LMFAO. Hopefully, talks of a collaboration. AWESOME, right?

Josiah Bell and Jurnee Smollett were GORG!!

Katy Perry 

Taylor Swift 

This photo is classic and timeless, I LOVE IT! Two legends enjoying such an honorable occasion.