Monday, July 30, 2012

Gabby Douglas.

My newest obsession is Gabby Douglas. She is currently on the Olympic 2012 Woman's Gymnastic team and she is phenomenal. I LOVE HER! Is she perfect? No but, who is? She has been making all headlines because quite a few people have fallen in love with that smile of hers. Her story is also quite interesting. 

Her story had me almost in tears, geeessshhh! The things parents go through for their children.


Oprah is probably one of the most powerful women on this Earth. But, like most people she has recently joined the social media phenomenon.  She recently responded to one of her twitter haters. Which I found very interesting. 

This made me think a lot. Do we expect too much out of our celebrities? Oprah has done more than her share of work for the community and there is no questioning that.  She gave away one of her studio audiences new cars TWO times before. She is one of the most giving woman ever, how dare she be questioned? 

Anywho, I believe when you become successful there are very few people who stick around the whole ride, UPS AND DOWNS, INS AND OUTS, THICK AND THIN, it's rare. I feel like people began to think everyone that makes it owes you something but, truthfully you need to pick up and live out your own dreams. You can't help everyone and the life celebrities and the extremely wealthy are nothing easy to reach. Money isn't everything and expecting someone to pay your bills is just unrealistic. I don't know where his heart was when he asked Oprah this but, it was clear Oprah was ready to answer. This was a clear case of THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life Is Good.

Recently, NAS released his newest album 'Life Is Good' which is of course a CLASSIC!! Nas never disappoints when it comes to music, he has a different kind of flavor in his music then everyone else. Nas has a very nice get together for the release of his album and some of my favorites attended.  Everyone had the simple but, classic look going on. I LOVED IT!

Classic Album, Nas is touch untouchable. 


                                  Beyonce' was there lowkey as ever, watching her hubby get all the shine.
                         GOSH, I love her.  

Angie Martinez was also in attendance w/her girlfirends

Yessss, it's Tyson Beckford. Where has this gentlemen been. lol. 

Nassir was looking good and feeling himself, nothing wrong w/that. 

Teyana Taylor also was spotted out.

Swizz Beatz just has entered a point where he can just enjoy life, a point we all want to reach. This man has it all, it's easy for him.
 He pulled up in a Lotus Evora like nothing ever happened.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kerry Washington.

Ms. Kerry Washington recently appeared in a spread of Vogue Italia and she looked fabulous. 

She is flawless!!!! 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean is one of my favorite artists of all time. His music is soooo original, yet has an everlasting classicness that will NEVER go away. He also spends most of his time in the studio and out of the public's eye which, I LOVE.  But, recently he released a letter entitled 'Thank You' to fans about his sexuality and his first love being with a male.  

I think this is extremely brave!! And I believe this will help fans be more personable with him and it also has made me love him more. I respect anyone who can put themselves out there like that and be able to inspire other young people to also be able to become more comfortable with their sexuality. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

BET Awards.

BET AWARDS! Last night was an epic night for Black Entertainment Television. Lots of hot performances and lots of stars. I LOVED IT!! The best highlight was that my girl, Beyonce was there in full affect and all eyes were on her. Gosh, I LOVE HER!! The Annual awards took place in sunny Los Angeles. 

Beyonce took home best dressed and lots of other AWARDS!!

Chris Brown of course took home Viewers Choice Award

Just FAB!! 

Mariah Carey also looked gorg, she is aging beautifully!!

LaLa was sparkling. 

The reigning champ for Best Hip-Hop female artist, THREE years in a row!

The Carter's the best picture of the night!!

Monica sang her heart out and looked fab. 

The Throne took home best group, of course!! Jay-Z didn't come for nothing.

I LOVE THIS! Bey and Solange share a moment. So, does Jay&Ye.

Cissy Houston had my eyes full of tears, such a powerful performance. A mother's love for her child. LORD HAMMERCY!!

Mariah remembers Whitney. Rest In Peace Whitney. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I LOVE CURLS. Big hair seems to be what everyone is wearing. 
Here are a few of my favorite curly looks:

I love Rihanna in curls!!

Bey and her big GORGEOUS hair, I LOVE IT!!