Monday, July 30, 2012


Oprah is probably one of the most powerful women on this Earth. But, like most people she has recently joined the social media phenomenon.  She recently responded to one of her twitter haters. Which I found very interesting. 

This made me think a lot. Do we expect too much out of our celebrities? Oprah has done more than her share of work for the community and there is no questioning that.  She gave away one of her studio audiences new cars TWO times before. She is one of the most giving woman ever, how dare she be questioned? 

Anywho, I believe when you become successful there are very few people who stick around the whole ride, UPS AND DOWNS, INS AND OUTS, THICK AND THIN, it's rare. I feel like people began to think everyone that makes it owes you something but, truthfully you need to pick up and live out your own dreams. You can't help everyone and the life celebrities and the extremely wealthy are nothing easy to reach. Money isn't everything and expecting someone to pay your bills is just unrealistic. I don't know where his heart was when he asked Oprah this but, it was clear Oprah was ready to answer. This was a clear case of THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET!

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