Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch The Throne.

Watch The Throne will be an experience, I will not EVER forget!!


Waiting in line. . . . 

Tori and I attended along with her sis and bro, Chels&Paul.  MEMORABLE NIGHT!

Getting to see my FAVORITE DUO!

I was sooooo CLOSE to Jay-Z.  It was an experience I can say I will probably never forget.  After two hours on waiting on the duo, they finally came out and made me feel like I was really watching the throne.  They were soooo hype, Ye was so passionate and Jay was vibing and loving Houston, especially since it is his wife, Beyonce's hometown.  But, it was soooo exciting. I don't think any concert will ever be like it.  I can cross this one off my bucket list. And if they ever have a Watch The Throne Pt. 2, I WOULD SOOOO BE THERE!  

Although, I must admit I am so jealous.  RiRi has recently joined the tour in Europe. )':

If your in Europe right now, I highly suggest you get your tickets, IT SO WORTH IT!

Check out my Houston experience.....

(p.s. This was not taped by me)


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