Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SXSW 2014.

YESSSSS, I was back at it this year again. SOUTHBYSOUTHWEST! I loved it, Austin is such an amazing city and has so much life there.  Everyone was in the city from March 6-15 for the big music fest.  A little background on South By South West;  It is a festival that showcases both films and music.  The first few days of the festival tend to be about the premiere of the films and as the days goes on it becomes more about the people.  The festival was much more commercialized this year.  It was packed with people and people and more people.  The media took over and seemed to overshadow the point of the fest. The point of the festival is to showcase upcoming artists from all genres and different places in the world.  However, this year Doritos, Monster, Spotify, Pandora, and several corporations completely took and put the festival on a pedistul and commercialized it. It was so ridiculous and almost scary. Their were three victims that were killed and I am praying for their families. Safety is very important for SXSW. I had the opportunity to see A$AP Mob, Future, BOB, Nas, Rich Homie Quan, Problem, and several other artists.  You all know I am a hip-hop head. A$AP Mob evokes a crazy energy from the crowd and it is completely better than anything you have ever experienced. Although, I enjoyed everything I can not say I am attending the festival next year.  I am used to the genuine aspect of the festival, where the fans connect with the artists.  Many fan bases are built there but, this year was so much BIGGER, AND BRIGHTER. It's crazy to see how much SXSW changed within a year.  Here are some of my favorite moments. 

SXSW 2014

My bestfriend and her sister, Tori and Chels!

Kelis Foodies, her truck was amazing.  Her adorable son, Knight took our orders.


A$AP Mob, (A$AP Twelvy, YG Addie, A$AP Na$ty, Yams, Ferg, and Rocky, as well as Marty Baller)

Rich Homie Quan

Trinidad Jame$

OHMAHGAWD! I almost lost my marble. A$AP Rocky. 

She was amazing, her name is Paige and she is Sinbad's daughter.  Her voice is beyond anything I have ever heard.  It is amazing, true talent.

Mass Appeal was another amazing event. 

Bobby Ray AKA B.O.B was amazing.

Future was there bringing the ENERGY!

Nasty NAS! Nasir Jones! NAS! 

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