Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today, Dec. 4th one of my favorite artists Jay-Z turned 44.  Jay-Z is a true example that anything is possible as long as you stay persistent.  He has achieved so much in his career.  (Side note: I also will be attending his concert on Dec. 19th, WHOOP!!! I am super hype.)  Jay-Z is beginning a new journey in his life, for the next 22 days, he will be living a vegan lifestyle.  He is calling it the 22 day challenge, feel free to read more about it from his blog, here. I don't know if I would ever be able to embark on this journey, lol.  However, it is Hov and he has already achieved so much why not add 22 day vegan onto his resume.

Happy Birthday!

Jay-Z for PREZ! I would vote for him. 

Hov and The His Queen!

I love me some BLUE! 

(What's Up Ye)

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