Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Been A Year!

OH GOSH! It's almost been a year since I have blogged about anything.  Just about everything has happened in the year of 2013.  I graduated from college and have moved onto college, GO COOGS! So much in my life has changed, I am just about stretched to the max, it is definitely time for a new year. I am excited to be back on my blogspot and sharing some fun stories and some of my thoughts again. Hopefully, this time there will be no hiatus for me. Here are some of my favorite moments from my SENIOR 2013 year.

Cotillion 2013, (my mother, me, and escort) 

My Brother & Father,

My Bestfriend, Tori 

My Beautiful Mother

My Family! 

Graduation Dinner
Ke'Ana & I 

My Family Portrait, adorbs! 

Trip to Schliterrban!  

With the homies, of course!

Ferry Lifers! 

My Bestfriend last spring show! (Childhood Bestie)

Game Day fun with the Girls!

Senior Prom!

Date & I

I adore my brother! 

Graduation! Finally out of high school

My classmates & I, love them!

My Support Systems!

Fav. Girl!! 

This picture is everything to me.  My twin brother and I have been through alot but, despite it all we were still able to graduate.  Through God and having loving parents who bend over backwards for us.  We were able to achieve a stage in life some people do not make it too.  I am proud of myself for staying strong and pushing through. (: 

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