Monday, June 4, 2012

Basketball Wives.

Basketball wives has been making lots of media headlines with all of their 'so-called' BULLYING and their immature behavior.  Recently, tonight their reunion aired.  They constantly apologized for their behavior and said all kinds of 'woulda, coulda, shoulda'.  No one appeared to be screaming or yelling nor tearing down each other. They finally MATURED! I am actually a huge fan of the show, its' action packed but has been taken slightly a little too far. 

Shaunie is definitely making the money off of these ladies.  I guess she is also willing to do whatever to keep the show a float as well. 

The ladies looked GORG might I add, they are definitely making their money. Came a looooonnnnnggggg way from Season 1, Basketball Wives. 

 Tami even apologized for her misbehavior on the show! O_O

Do you really think these women are maturing or is this just a way to keep the money going?  I presonally think this is about keeping a paycheck, the raunchiness of the show makes it worth watching, I wonder if Shaunie is willing to give that up.  Honestly, if you take away the fighting and drama what kind of show would it be, since no one on is actually married to a BASKETBALL player.  hmmmmmm.....we shall see, stay tuned for season 5.

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