Thursday, June 14, 2012


OMG!! Is there anything that doesn't happen in the world of ours.  Well, I guess some rumors are true because the 'so-called' beef between Chris Brown and Drake seems to be true. The two got into a MAJOR altercation and basically, EVERYONE has reported the story and it's all over twitter. Chris Brown was overly tweeting about the fight, (I think the fued is STUPID!! ) 
check out: TMZ 

These two are supposed to be SUPER-STARS and this how they act, I think it's childish behavior and they both make TOO much money to be arguing, let along fighting about anything petty.  Chris Brown and Drake can basically have any woman, so I have my doubts about it being just about 'Rihanna'. Either, I think it's sad and they have both disappointed me. They are both GROWN, this needs to STOP!!

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